When the fire erupted in the hilly area, Dean Toney got a telephone call from liberty mutual insurance Company informing him that there was fire in the area and they were there to help him.  The caller said to Toney that “Our mitigation team is tirelessly working there and we are ready to offer you free services in order to protect your homer”.
On the other hand, Toney said in an interview to a media reporter that “I do not worry if something bad happens with my house, God forbid; they are on top of the things”. But after the passage of 1 week, Toney received another call from Liberty Mutual Insurance Company informing him that “your home has been declared as prone to wildfire and liberty mutual has decided not to renew your home insurance after Aug. 26.
Toney said that “I have been associated with Liberty Mutual for the last 10 years and I have paid more than $25000”. He further said that I have never claimed my home owner, car insurance, and entire family claims in this time frame and it was really disappointing for me to know that I could not renew my insurance. He opined that “they have taken my money and run away and this is what I can expect from them right now”.
Toney reiterated that “this is the creepy way of doing business”. When they came to me to sign the documents, they did not tell me that my house is in high fire danger area.  Lastly, Toney has been requested to visit insurance.ca.govto shop around and he has also been directed to call at (800) 927-4357 for knowing the procedure.