Gainesville fl homeowners insurance

Accidents happen to everyone — it’s an inevitability. As a result, having insurance policies to help you financially handle such accidents is a necessity for everyone.

But the cost of paying for multiple insurance policies each month can be stressful on any budget — which is why it’s so important for you to know how to cut costs as much as you can while still being insured.

Take a look at these four great ways to save money on your insurance:

1. Defensive driving: Unlike personal injury insurance, personal medical insurance or privacy insurance, going without a personal auto insurance policy is out of the question in all 50 states. And because the average American driver spends a massive $84,000 on car insurance throughout their entire life, it’s important to save whenever you can. By enrolling in a defensive driving course, you can cut your car insurance costs by 10 to 15% — which adds up!

2. Work with an independent insurance agent: Independent insurance agents provide insurance policies, but don’t work under a major insurance provider. By hiring an independent insurance agent, you can take advantage of their competitive rates and their more personalized, one-on-one services.

3. Comparison shop when renewing: You should never assume that the affordable insurance policy you got one year will continue to be the best deal on the market the next. When you go to renew your insurance policy, be sure to compare your rates with those offered by other providers and independent insurance agents.

4. Get the highest insurance deductible you can afford: Much like the down payment on a house or car, the more you pay for your deductible, the lower your monthly payments will be. If you save up $1,000 or more for your insurance deductibles, you can help reduce how much of your monthly budget goes toward insurance. More like this blog.