Rain insurance is an easy way to ensure your event will go on even if it rains. Eric Anderson, in the video ‘Rain Insurance for your Golf Event’ explains the following tips on how weather insurance prevents a financial disaster in an event:

Rain Insurance Does Not Just Cover Rain

Some events can be rained out or postponed for bad weather conditions, but it is not just the outside weather that counts. Heavy winds, thunderstorms, and other dangerous weather conditions can also cause your event to be canceled or postponed. Each of these has a clause in the rain insurance contract that allows you to receive a full refund if your event is canceled due to dangerous weather conditions.

Rain Insurance Can Protect Against Weather Damage and Other Unforeseen Events

Flooding is one of the more common weather-related issues you might have to deal with.

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If this happens, rain insurance can refund your event if flood damage was the reason it had to be postponed or canceled. You can also put this type of insurance into place should another unforeseen issue arise that obstruct your ability to hold your event as planned.

When you purchase a policy like an attendee insurance plan or any other weather insurance, your event is covered against weather cancellations. You are also covered should something happen that forces you to evacuate.