Hole in one sponsorshipWhen you look for the right place to tee off, you might use a golf course lookup app or do a search on terms like “how is golf hole yardage measured” or “golf pay and play near me.” More adventurous players, however, might enjoy taking hole-in-one challenges based on popular movies or playing where the holes might be haunted. You don’t have to break into your neighbor’s home to play a round of golf with us. Have a steak and beer at the clubhouse instead, once you sink that last shot at the 18th hole.

Are you a lone player or a group? If you have a foursome, do you prefer scrambles or would you rather each person in the group play the ball from where it lies? Does the thought of playing near someone’s grave raise the hair on the back of your neck?

Good golf courses challenge moderate players just enough to avoid frustration, with each hole designed so that even novice players have a chance to build their golf skills. Ask staff whether the course suits your playing style and experience level before you reserve your tee time, and you will have a much more enjoyable day.

Televised golf tournaments may make the sport seem pretty uneventful (or evening boring). New and media groups, however, paint a very different story. For whatever reason, some of the most interesting things in the world happen on the golf course. What are some golf news highlights that may surprise new golfers and Americans at large?

Unmarked Graves At The Golf Course

A park operations director near Atlanta, Georgia discovered at least 84 unmarked graves in May. After finding an old map, Ray Mock hired workers to pinpoint the location of the graves — and found nearly 100 people had been buried on the golf course. In the 1960s, poor houses would have been standing near burial sites. (The poorhouses have since been torn down.) The golf course will leave the graves pretty much as-is, although they do plan to plant wildflowers and may put up a commemorative plaque, explaining that people are buried there.

Take A Stab at Mission Impossi-Hole

Mission Impossible and golf fans, rejoice! Now fans of both the hit film and the sport can realize their dreams by trying for golf prizes — or attempting hole in one contests or hole in one tournament — in a very unique Portland golf course. This is not an ordinary golf course. In fact, to get hole-in-one prizes (or to even make the shot at all), golfers will have to somehow aim balls around an obstacle of crazy lasers.

Man Breaks Into Home And Steals Steak and Golf Clubs

One man clearly had his fill of hole in one competition (or needed some gear to compete in the first place). A man in Maryland broke into one of his neighbor’s homes, leaving just about everything untouched, except for some cash, golf clubs, and high-quality steaks.

Do you want to take part in a hole in one competition? Before you sign up for the sport, know that it is infinitely more interesting than you probably bargained for. Continue reading here.