This video discusses mobile home insurance, which is different from automobile insurance and regular homeowner’s insurance coverage. Mobile home insurance is a unique kind of coverage designed for manufactured homes. These homes require a different type of insurance than most regular homes.

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Manufactured homes have fewer risks than regular homes because they are constructed of lighter materials. Thus, they are susceptible to being destroyed by natural disasters and such. For that reason, some mobile home policies might be more expensive than policies for standard homes.

Mobile home insurance usually covers the mobile home, the insured person’s belongings, and any damages for the harm that comes to other people inside the house.

Mobile home coverage works the same way as other types of insurance when it comes to payments. A covered person will have to pay a monthly premium to keep the coverage. They may have the option to make a single annual payment as well. If anything happens to the mobile home, the insured person will need to file a claim. The insurance company will then investigate the matter and proceed with the case. Interested people should take their time and compare policies appropriately before signing up for a specific option.