These Bizarre Golf Stories Will Shock You

When you look for the right place to tee off, you might use a golf course lookup app or do a search on terms like “how is golf hole yardage measured” or “golf pay and play near me.” More adventurous players, however, might enjoy taking hole-in-one challenges based on popular movies or playing where the […]

country club mentorship programs

Golfers, What Is Mission Impossi-Hole?

While you may think of golf as an expensive activity with little action and not much to recommend it, the sport can actually be surprisingly affordable and offers tons of benefits. If you’re new to the game or considering picking it up, you might have a few questions. Here are answers to some of the […]

Four Ways You Can Save Money on Your Insurance

Accidents happen to everyone — it’s an inevitability. As a result, having insurance policies to help you financially handle such accidents is a necessity for everyone. But the cost of paying for multiple insurance policies each month can be stressful on any budget — which is why it’s so important for you to know how […]

Four Tips Every Driver Must Read

In every state in the union, it is required that drivers have auto insurance. Due to the ubiquitous need for coverage, I figured that I would share some tips on how to choose an insurance agent and on decreasing your premiums, so that the cost of car insurance is not prohibitively high for anyone. Tip […]

Hole In One Contests Explained

Making a hole in one is tough. Really, really tough. According to Golf Digest, the odds of getting a hole in one are 2,500:1 for a pro golfer, and 12,500:1 for an amateur golfer. That’s why so many golf tournaments will offer competitors the chance to participate in a hole in one contest. These are […]

How to Decide Between Whole Life Insurance and Term Life Insurance

Shopping for life insurance policies is quite the daunting task. While most people want to get policies that can just cover the costs of their funeral arrangements and the living costs of their dependents, most experts recommend going above and beyond the bare minimum, advising people to get life insurance policies that cover 10 times […]

Find the Best Auto Insurance Company for You and Your Family

Carrying out your daily task is a critical aspect. For this reason, you need to find the right auto and life insurance to drive and feel safe on the road. Car insurance is vital and varies depending on the insurance companies. Various auto insurance companies have different insurance packages. The choice depends on your budget […]

Three Reasons to Consider Investing in a Hole in One Insurance Policy

There’s a reason why golf tournament contests are such popular fundraising events. Although only an estimated 9.6% of Americans actually play golf, that’s still a whopping 29 million people who enjoy hitting the green. What’s more, there’s been a 17% increase in the amount of people who play golf in the U.S. since 1990. What […]

Life insurance rate to increase for older veterans

Senior officials of veterans Affairs Department has announced that older veterans will have to pay higher premiums for Veterans Group Life Insurance from July 1. Officials opined that this change has been brought after the 21 years and the 2.2 percent increase in the premiums will apply to all 70 or older veterans. It is said […]

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