Dog walker insurance

63% of households in the United States own a pet, and from those Americans, $4.41 billion was spent on grooming and boarding their dogs in 2015. If you own a dog grooming businesses, it is important to have the right type of insurance so you are protected in case any incident should arise while you are working. Pets come with different liabilities, so we can help you find the right type of insurance for your pet centered business and tailor that insurance to your specific needs.

Dog Grooming Insurance
The United States is the most popular country of residence for dogs as there are 40,760 dogs registered to pet owners. Most of these owners have their dogs groomed on a regular basis by a professional company, so one of the questions you may come across as a groomer is if you are insured. Just as you want to make sure your building is protected, owners want to make sure their animals are in capable hands. By showing you have dog grooming insurance, customers will be more at ease when dropping off their dog to be in your care.

General Liability
General liability for dog grooming includes third-part property damage, bodily injury, and personal/advertising injury. These are the most common liability claims that small business owners face. Insurance policies that cover the above areas will help offset the costs of medical bills, legal defense, and any legal settlements that may need to be made.

Property Insurance
Another type of insurance for those in the dog grooming industry is property insurance. Property insurance will protect structures on the property, furniture inside the building, equipment you use on a regular basis, essential supplies, and all the inventory you have as well. This is important in case of fire, natural disaster, or if an accident were to happen to your property.

Since the pet will be in your care while the owner is away, it is a good idea to check into Bailee’s Insurance. This type of insurance protects your customer’s pets while they are in your custody. If something happens to the animal while it is in your case, Bailee’s Insurance will help cover veterinary costs and any potential lawsuits.

If you own a dog grooming business, it is important to have the right type of insurance to ensure your buildings, property, and the pets inside are all covered in case anything should happen. There are various types so check with us to make sure you have the right insurance to stay covered. Along with grooming, there is also dog walker insurance for those whose business includes dog walking as well. Dog walking insurance is similar to dog grooming, so be sure to ask your agent about this option.