Health insurance agency

No one likes paying for insurance until they actually need it. Car, life, home, and medical insurance are all necessities for our unpredictable world, but unfortunately many Americans are without proper insurance coverage. Although the Affordable Care Act and other policies are in place to help out those Americans without coverage, many are dissatisfied with the gaps in individual health insurance.

Holes In The System

Since the launch of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, millions of low-income Americans can receive Medicaid assistance from the government. While this has helped many, it is worth noting that vision insurance is not mandated by the Affordable Care Act for adults over the age of 19. This is an issue, as two out of every three Americans are or will be affected by vision problems. Dental coverage likewise is absent for adults covered by the Affordable Care Act. Americans without dental insurance often spend nearly $200 per year on basic dental care.

Insurance Through Work

Only two out of every five Americans under the age of 65 have health insurance coverage through their place of employment. As of January 1st, 2016 companies with over 50 employees will be required to provide health insurance to at least 95% of employees. While this will certainly increase the percentage of Americans covered by an employee benefits service, there are still many in need of health or life insurance policies that companies can simply not offer their employees.

Medical Insurance Alternatives

Americans without health insurance
must currently pay $325 per person, or 2% of the individual’s yearly income in order to receive medical coverage (whichever amount is greater). Although 85% of consumers agree that most people ought to have life insurance, in truth only 62% of responders said they actually have life insurance while 40% agree that their coverage is inadequate. Many people have thus turned to a state health insurance exchange to consult with professionals and help determine what kind of coverage is right for each person. Many exchanges easily label their plans in four categories from platinum and gold to silver and bronze plans to fit any budget. Don’t wait another day; coverage is waiting for you.